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Bedtime Audio Sleep Stories for Kids and Adults

Bedtime Audio Sleep Stories for Kids and Adults

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It's time to sleep like a baby. If you or your children have issues falling asleep, or just want a better, effective and calming approach to make your children or yourself fall asleep. Our calming bedtime sleep stories will not only help you to fall asleep but also enhance your relaxation and resting time, leading to a good sleep.  Our bedtime sleep stories feature a gentle deep voice, with soothing background music, In various lengths and for various audiences (kids and adults). Our available bedtime sleep stories are for both children and adults.


We know how hard parents try sometimes to get their children to fall asleep. Our bedtime sleep stories will help your children fall asleep like babies, without stress or difficulty. 

How to use:

At bedtime, turn the lights off and make sure the room is quiet. It is important to introduce the name of the story to your child before it is played and make sure you have your child's attention. Then, play any of our bedtime stories for sleep to your child using your mobile phone or any device. All our audios stories are compatible to laptops, mobile phones and other devices. A short (intro) version of each story is attached for you to listen and feel. You will receive a full version in your email after you checkout.

K1: The Butterfly Nest (13:01)


K2: The Velveteen Rabbit (30:02)


K3: Searching For A Lost Sister (22:02)


K4: There Be Bees (18:39)


K5: Dream Chronicles (16:50


K6: The Bundle in The Forest (15:49)


K7: Horace and The Promise (16:05)


K8: Lina Learns A Lesson (18:36)


K9: AI and The Flying Whale (18;05)


K10: Where Fairies Live (16:59)


K11: The Magical Forest of Fireflies (17:24)


K12: Ice Cream Stand (16:35)


K13: The Space Party (16:46)


K14: Wonderland In Paris (15:09)


K15: The Best Wish (15:57)


K16: A Little Sacrifice (16:34)


K17: A Secret Place In The Forest (16:25)



K18: Peter and The Rainbow Mermaid ((16:04)



Not only children struggle to sleep, adults too sometimes struggle to sleep due to several factors including health, lifestyle, occupation, and others reasons. Our bedtime sleep stories will help you to fall asleep and enjoy your sleep comfortably. Choose any of the stories, play and listen together with your partner or alone at bedtime.

A1: A Time To Garden (19:49)


A2: A Fleeting Silver of Happiness (16: 56)


A3: The Golden Hour (20:17)


A4: My Days Journey (16:55)


A5: Moonlight Journey (17:25)


The stories are custom, unique, interesting, and calming. We do hope that these bedtime stories will help you and your children to enjoy a perfect, stress-free, and comfortable sleep. 

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